Who We Are

The University of Cincinnati’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (UC SWE) was first chartered in 1976. Since then UC SWE has become a strong organization within the College of Engineering and Applied Science. UC SWE is just one chapter of many which is located in Region G053. Each year UC SWE strives to participate in National and Regional conferences. While we are considered a smaller section our voices are strong and heard in Regional’s.

UC SWE has a very strong middle school outreach program and host 4 events each year. These events are directly related to engineering and targets girls from 6th-9th grade. These events are hosted on a Saturday morning, run until early afternoon and usually end with the girls taking home some pretty neat projects. While our middle school outreach following is strong our high school outreach is developing. Please keep looking on our calendar about upcoming events for the school year.

While we are engineers and dedicated to our studies we don’t forget to give back to our community. Each quarter there are a handful of volunteering opportunities from things on campus to off campus. UC SWE has participated in things such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Milestones Horse Therapy, Ronald McDonald House, Clifton Clean Up, and many others.

Between doing outreach, volunteering and studying we find the time to have social events. UC SWE finds it important to interact with other engineering majors. Each quarter there are 2-3 social events that members can take place in. Usually upperclassmen volunteer to drive and members get into cars to start bonding. Examples of things UC SWE has done are laser tag, bowling, haunted houses, Festival of Lights and end of the year cook outs.

All of these activities ties directly into UC SWE’s mission statement:

“To assist with the advancement of women in engineering academically, professionally and socially while encouraging the development of leadership characteristics.”

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and if you have questions please feel free to contact any of our officers, all emails are on the contacts page.

Jen Norman

UC SWE President 2008-10