Middle School Outreach

What we are all about?

We love engineering! We want other young ladies to be able to grow up loving enginering, math, and science in the same way that we do.

Our events are designed to teach middle school girls alittle bit about what engineering really is and get them excited about math and science. We use creative exercises like building roller coasters to inspire creative thought and to produce many unique solutions. We also take a litte time to hear from a proffessional engineer why she likes to do what she does. Finally we top the event off by mixing in loads of fun, food, puzzles, and prizes.

How can you participate?

Just fill out the event registration form and send out Middle School Outreach coordinators and email at: uc.swe.msoutreach@gmail.com

What events are coming up?

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's an Egg
November 13, 2010
Design and build a safety harness for your egg before it plummets to the ground! Learn how Aerospace Engineers use certain materials and equipment to protect astronauts and make the plane you took on vacation fly more smoothly.

Take Apart a Toaster Day
January 22, 2011
Get ready to tear apart everyday appliances and see how they work! Explore circuit boards, wires, fuses and other electrical components while thinking about how they were built by Electrical Engineers in the first place. The real challenge is putting everything back together again.

Cool Coaster Construction
March 5, 2011
Come explore what some Civil Engineers do by designing and then building your own miniature roller coaster! Learn the physics, design requirements, safety and cost effectiveness of your favorite rides by building one you would wait in line for.

Ahoy Matey, Land Ho! Land Here!
May 14, 2011
Design a watercraft that is able to hold 25 pennies without sinking and a car that can hold these pennies and still travel far! Get ready to learn about how Mechanical Engineers create and modify transportation to fit your needs!

Useful Information

Registration Form - Effective for all events.

Directions To All Events - Note room changed to 760 Baldwin Hall. Look for the signs! :-)

Event Flyer

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